13 places to retreat in times of uncertainty

13 places to retreat in times of uncertainty

In recent years, we have often heard questions from our clients in our company about what alternative plan is available if they want to flee political instability in their country or cannot identify with the current political situation. Another important factor is tax optimization and securing your assets.

Some of our clients are also drawn away from countries involved in conflict, away from the so-called “international community”, the West and UK, which are ruled by the USA. Or they want to distance themselves from countries that are involved in armed conflicts.

Especially at a time when thousands of experts are discussing possible scenarios on the Internet and even heads of government are publicly suggesting that we should prepare for a possible war, I maintain that I do not want to believe that it will happen. I’m generally an optimistic person and assume that it won’t come to that. However, I appreciate considering a Plan B, which I have been recommending to our clients for years. It is important to note that I am not a military expert and other scenarios are possible. Everyone should think about it for themselves and decide in which country they feel best suited for their alternative plan.

We have compiled a list of countries that we have selected based on various criteria, particularly in terms of political neutrality, in order to minimize the likelihood of a military conflict. Additionally, it is advisable to choose countries that are remote and far from other regions and have sufficient resources to ensure survival. Because even if you survive a conflict and are not exposed to any nuclear dust, you should not starve in the long term.

Find out more about the countries unlikely to be involved in the possible World War III, according to my personal ranking of the safest nations in the world.

Global tensions are rising and are accompanied by an increasing number of military conflicts: the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the conflict between Israel and Hamas, the standoff between the United States and China, and the tensions between China and Taiwan, and relations between Iran and Israel, to name just a few. These events raise the question of whether there is a safe haven in the world to await the end of these crises.

While it is impossible to predict the exact trigger of World War III, the sides involved can be relatively well estimated, in keeping with the current geopolitical situation. On one side are the United States of America, the European Union and the rest of the NATO alliance. On the other side are probably Russia, China, North Korea and their allies.

Unlike previous world wars, today’s technology allows people to engage in combat over long distances using aircraft and long-range missiles. This means that the events of World War III are likely to affect many countries. However, this does not mean that there is no place in the world that could provide security and peace in these circumstances.

Where to hide from a possible Third World War? Should you flee to a tropical island nation? Is it wiser to choose a country on the edge of the world? There may be another safe place that you may not have known about.”




Fiji, an island nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, is far from its nearest neighbor Australia, which is more than 4,345 kilometers away. In terms of military potential and resources, Fiji plays a rather inconspicuous role in the international arena. The country maintains a comparatively small army and is therefore not perceived as a threat by any of the conflicting parties in the event of a third world war. In addition, Fiji has limited natural resources on its territory.

However, Fiji is characterized by its rich diversity of food and fertile farmland, making it a place where the uncertainties of world events can be calmly endured.

Disadvantages include that during a war, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to obtain up-to-date information about the progress or end of the conflict because you are far away from the main theaters of war. During a world war, global communications and the Internet could be significantly restricted. Therefore, residents in Fiji would have to wait for news from outside that the war was over.

Obtaining citizenship in Fiji is difficult. Alternatively, you can apply for citizenship in the nearby island state of Vanuatu, from which you can enter Fiji at any time.


Vanuatu – The last Paradies

So why not live in paradise when most of the world is on fire? Why bunker when there is another way?
Vanuatu, an island nation in the South Pacific, is far from China. It is located in the middle of the Pacific and is only a few hours’ flight from all continents. Even the countless species of fish around the entire archipelago wouldn’t even notice that something bad had happened.

Vanuatu has a relatively independent economy based on self-sufficiency and subsistence farming and has never been involved in a war. It is the last paradise on earth. The people of Vanuatu have a long tradition of cooperation and community living, which could help them survive in a crisis situation.

Vanuatu also offers natural beauty and a relaxed lifestyle that appeal to many people. It is a place where one can live in a peaceful and friendly community without having to worry about impending wars.
Vanuatu is a tropical Pacific Island nation that grows a variety of fruits such as guavas, starfruits, jackfruits and papayas.

Given such options, a nutritionist would probably say that eating healthier is next to impossible.

By the way, the island state of Vanuatu offers the cheapest citizenship program.
Within 2 months you will receive a second citizenship so you can travel to more than 110 countries.


New Zealand

New Zealand is an independent and highly developed country located far from armed conflicts in the world, and its mountainous terrain provides natural protection from armed conflict.

The country of New Zealand also has sufficient food reserves, clean drinking water and fertile soil to ensure its self-sufficiency in the short term. The state’s infrastructure is developed to a high level, and New Zealand has continuously worked towards its independence for many decades.

Due to its foreign policy, New Zealand ranks second in the Global Peace Index. Nevertheless, the process of applying for citizenship is lengthy and demanding. The situation is similar with obtaining a residence permit. However, an interesting alternative is that holders of Maltese citizenship are able to travel to New Zealand visa-free.




Iceland ranks at the top of the Global Peace Index at number 1 and is thousands of kilometers away from the UK and the rest of Europe. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that the country would be in immediate danger during a possible Third World War.

Like many other island nations, Iceland has rich marine resources and an abundance of freshwater reserves.

Another aspect that makes Iceland an optimal retreat in a global conflict is the fact that the country sources all of its energy from 100% renewable, domestic sources. Iceland uses extensive amounts of geothermal energy and converts it into electricity and heat. While the rest of the world is at war, Iceland does not have to worry about supplies of oil, coal or other energy sources from other parts of the world.

Iceland also offers generous land on which to settle to wait out the conflict. The country’s current population density is only an average of 3 people per square kilometer. However, it should be noted that Iceland is not the ideal choice for people who prefer warmer climates. The average temperatures are 1 degree in winter and 12 degrees in summer. If someone is interested in obtaining citizenship, it might be advisable to apply for it in Malta. With a Maltese passport it is possible to live in Iceland, as even in Iceland it could be extremely difficult to acquire such citizenship unless one marries a local there.


Switzerland has maintained neutrality as its central foreign policy principle for more than two centuries. This political stability and its geographical shield make the country a reliable refuge in troubled times. The impressive mountain landscape serves as a natural barrier against potential invasions, and the strategic bridge connections can be easily destroyed if necessary. Equally remarkable is the fact that Switzerland has well-prepared shelters designed to ensure the safety of the population even in the event of a nuclear attack.

However, it should be noted that strict neutrality has recently been slightly compromised by certain sanctions against Russia. Nevertheless, Switzerland remains a place that attracts the attention of many, especially wealthy individuals. Here you can even obtain a second citizenship if you are one of the well-heeled people, or you can apply for a residence permit if you are interested. Switzerland therefore remains a fascinating and diverse destination for those seeking protection and stability in times of uncertainty.

Montenegro – A hidden jewel in Europe

Montenegro is undoubtedly one of Europe’s undiscovered treasures. This country offers such a variety of sights and attractions that a trip there is not only recommended, but definitely worth it.

With a remarkably low tax rate of under 10%, Montenegro has also established itself as a tax haven in Europe. The country boasts an economy based on self-sufficiency and subsistence farming. Since Montenegro does not have any of the key international resources such as oil or gold, the chances of it becoming involved in armed conflict are extremely low. The country also offers a comparatively low cost of living and impressive natural beauty, making it an ideal place to settle permanently. Thanks to its modest armed forces of just 1,500 men, Montenegro will most likely never be involved in future conflicts, let alone asked for military support.

For those interested in permanent residence, there is the possibility of obtaining a residence permit through investments. Montenegro remains an insider tip for explorers looking for protection, stability and tax advantages.




Chile – A sanctuary in South America

Chile, a South American country, is characterized by a rich diversity of natural resources and geological features that provide a safe escape option in the event of a war in South America.

As one of the most developed countries in all of South America, Chile has a robust infrastructure that enables it to support itself even as conflict plagues the rest of the world. It is also worth noting that South America and Africa are increasingly seeking independence from the US and a more neutral position.

Applying for a residence permit in Chile is comparatively straightforward. Chile thus remains a promising location for those looking for a safe haven in South America, offering a number of assets that may be important in times of global uncertainty.


Costa Rica – A tropical paradise for sanctuary and adventure

A truly tropical paradise, Costa Rica invites you to make endless discoveries, whether surfing its picturesque beaches or exploring its lush forests.

The expression “Pura vida” is omnipresent and embodies the relaxed lifestyle that prevails here – a lifestyle that represents pure living. This Central American country is home to a population of around five million people, with three million of them living in the capital, San José. Costa Rica is world-famous for its stunning national parks, where adventure seekers can experience exciting activities such as white-water rafting, canyoning, exploring caves by dinghy and thrilling zip lines. It is also one of the best places for animal lovers, who can meet fascinating species such as macaws, sea turtles and the adorable sloths.

Costa Rica offers the perfect retreat from the turmoil of a possible Third World War. In addition, there are several options for obtaining a residence permit in this paradisiacal country. Costa Rica is therefore not only a place of beauty and adventure, but also a place that offers security and joy.


Uruguay: A tropical paradise for security and tax advantages

Uruguay proves to be a remarkable destination, offering not only security but also attractive tax benefits for its visitors and residents. In the diverse landscape of the Americas, Uruguay is undoubtedly one of the few options that successfully combines these two elements.

Central and South America are often known as regions where obtaining a residence permit is a relatively straightforward affair – and for good reason. Panama, for example, through its Friendly Nations Visa program, offers citizens from Western countries the opportunity to apply for permanent residency and acquire citizenship after five years.

Uruguay has long been known for its straightforward procedures for obtaining legal citizenship. When we say ease, we mean that qualification requirements are easy to meet, approvals are granted quickly, and citizenship is comparatively effortless to obtain – assuming you’re willing to spend time there. The tax incentives that Uruguay offers its citizens make this country an extremely attractive place to invest this time, whether you are interested in citizenship or not.

If you’re interested in the “Switzerland of South America,” read on to learn more about Uruguay’s residency programs, tax benefits, and citizenship requirements. You might find that this country is exactly what you are looking for.

Uruguay is often considered one of the best countries for expats and could even surpass New Zealand.

Located deep in South America, Uruguay stands out as an oasis of economic freedom, especially when compared to its regional neighbors such as Argentina and Bolivia. Uruguay’s banks are trustworthy and although opening a bank account has recently become more challenging, it remains an excellent place to safely manage assets.

Uruguay breaks many of the South American stereotypes; Coastal cities like Punta del Este become lively hotspots during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer months, when wealthy Brazilians and Argentines crowd the beaches, much like the jet-setting elite frequent Monaco during the European summer.

In summary, Uruguay is a remarkable country that deserves serious consideration if you are considering a second home. With a straightforward application process, tax breaks and breathtaking beaches – the chances of error are extremely low.



Botswana – A hiding place from the horrors of World War III

Botswana could prove to be Africa’s ideal refuge from the horrors of a possible Third World War. The country is blessed with a variety of food sources, abundant fresh water supplies and fertile land.

It is often referred to as a hidden gem of Africa and Forbes Africa confirms this. In less than four decades since its independence, Botswana has rapidly developed from an economically disadvantaged country to a middle-income nation, which is undoubtedly considered a remarkable achievement in development history.


Mauritius – A tropical paradise for a bright future

Experts agree: Africa is seen as the continent of the future, and this is particularly clear when compared to developments in the USA and Western Europe. A true jewel of our planet can be found in the shape of the island of Mauritius, which rises about 2000 kilometers off the coast of Madagascar and is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth alongside Vanuatu.

Mauritius impresses not only with its pleasant tropical climate and cultural diversity, but above all with its high quality of life. Additionally, the country has earned a place on the world stage thanks to its thriving economy, attractive tax system and highly competitive business environment.

For those who have the desire to settle here, the Mauritius Residence by Investment Program offers an extremely efficient way to turn this dream into reality. Under this program, individuals investing in the country’s real estate market can obtain a residence permit in Mauritius within just six to eight months.
Mauritius, a Place where your future can shine.



Indonesian – A quiet sanctuary in stormy times

The Indonesian islands offer an oasis of calm and security for those seeking protection in the midst of a global conflict. The country maintains a neutral stance in international affairs, making it a comparatively safe place. The country’s well-developed infrastructure and agriculture ensure access to food, even in the most turbulent times of a possible Third World War. Indonesia, particularly the island of Bali, also offers moderately valued properties, and Forbes rates the region as one of the top places in terms of investment attractiveness. Therefore, buying property here is not only a preparation for safe times, but also a wise investment.

Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to current events in the region. China’s increasingly assertive stance on the Taiwan issue and the construction of Chinese military bases in the disputed South China Sea have prompted Washington and Manila to strengthen their partnership. China claims virtually the entire South China Sea, but Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam also claim parts of this strategically and economically important sea area.

President Joko Widodo of Indonesia warned that major foreign powers should not settle their conflicts on Southeast Asian soil. He stressed that ASEAN countries should not be proxies for others. Indonesia currently leads the alliance of Southeast Asian nations and will host the annual ASEAN summit, which traditionally also includes China and the USA. Despite the tensions, Indonesia remains an island of stability in an uncertain world.


Thailand – A paradise with hidden treasures

Thailand is without a doubt one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world. The country is rich in spectacular sights, including lush rainforests, mist-shrouded mountains and ancient monuments.

Additionally, Thailand can be proud of its impressive development track record. Thanks to smart economic policies, the country has developed into an upper-middle income economy and is actively working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Thailand offers an attractive residency program for foreigners, which allows you to enter the “Land of Smiles” at any time.

There are undoubtedly many other countries we can explore and I am happy to share my personal experiences with you based on my own travels.


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