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1705, 2024

Emigrate and live in Albania – The birthplace of Mother Teresa

May 17, 2024|0 Comments

Emigrating to Albania: Sun, beach and hospitality in the Balkans Albania, a country with a fascinating history, breathtaking landscape and hospitable people, is attracting more and more emigrants. With its 2.8 million inhabitants spread over an area of 28,748 km², Albania offers [...]

1005, 2024

In which country within Europe do you not have to pay taxes on foreign income?

May 10, 2024|0 Comments

In Europe, the following countries currently do not levy taxes on foreign income: Andorra Andorra is a small country in the Pyrenees between France and Spain. It is a popular holiday destination for winter sports enthusiasts and hikers. The country is known [...]

305, 2024

Serbian leader sees BRICS as an alternative to the West

May 3, 2024|0 Comments

The expansion of the BRICS will be a historic moment, and the bloc will enhance its status to that of a global player that seeks to become an alternative to the collective West, the President of Serbia, Alexandar Vucic, said. “The summit [...]

2604, 2024

Wegzugsteuer aus der EU ins Ausland vermeiden

April 26, 2024|0 Comments

In unseren Beiträgen haben wir uns schon des Öfteren mit ihr beschäftigt. Genauer gesagt mit den Möglichkeiten, wie man die Wegzugsteuer vermeiden kann. Und das auch aus gutem Grund. Denn einerseits zieht es viele Unternehmer, die eine GmbH führen, früher oder später [...]

1904, 2024

The future that the elite promises us: You have nothing but will be happy

April 19, 2024|0 Comments

Cities of the future: A life without freedom and self-determination? The statement “You will have nothing, but you will be happy” has been circulating in the media for a long time. It is often associated with the elite, such as the World [...]

1204, 2024

Emigrate and live in Serbia – metropolis of the Balkans

April 12, 2024|0 Comments

Sun, hospitality and affordable cost of living Serbia, a country in the heart of southeastern Europe, attracts with breathtaking nature, hospitable people and a charming mix of tradition and modernity. With a population of around 7 million and an area of 88,361 [...]

504, 2024

LSEE-CEFTA Paper Competition – Balkan trade and investment

April 5, 2024|0 Comments

Benefits for trade and investment Montenegro Montenegro, an emerging country in southeastern Europe, has made significant progress in its integration into the European Union (EU) in recent years. An important milestone was the signing of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) with [...]

3003, 2024

Emigrate to Montenegro: A small country with great potential

March 30, 2024|0 Comments

Montenegro, a small country in southeastern Europe, is home to around 628,000 inhabitants over an area of 13,812 km². The country borders Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Croatia and offers breathtaking landscapes with mountains, coastlines and historic cities. Montenegro is [...]

903, 2024

Montenegro: A haven of harmony amidst dissonance

March 9, 2024|0 Comments

Where the war falls silent: Unique coexistence between Russians and Ukrainians in Montenegro As the world watches the bitter conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Montenegro offers a picture of hope and peace. In this small Balkan state, thousands of people from both [...]

303, 2024

NEWS Serbian PM Praises Tucker Carlson for Interview with Putin

March 3, 2024|0 Comments

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic congratulated Tucker Carlson for his controversial recent interview with Vladimir Putin, saying that the right-wing US journalist succeeded in overcoming “censorship”. Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic spoke to Tucker Carlson in Dubai on Monday and congratulated the [...]

2502, 2024

Tax haven for foreign investors in Montenegro and Citizenship

February 25, 2024|0 Comments

Montenegro is a small Mediterranean country with a growing economy and a stable political situation. The country offers foreign investors a number of advantages that make it an attractive location. Low taxes Montenegro has a competitive tax system with a nominal tariff [...]

1001, 2024

Montenegro -Excellent economic indicators and results in 2023

January 10, 2024|0 Comments

After a very successful 2022, 2023 has excellent economic indicators and results, with achieved GDP growth of 6.6% in the third quarter and the best summer tourist season in history. These are some of the reasons why Montenegro remains a beacon for [...]

2212, 2023


December 22, 2023|0 Comments

“Our vision is Montenegro as the Switzerland of the Balkans and the Singapore of Europe,” New Prime Minister Spajić told parliament ahead of the vote. The 44th Government of Montenegro, led by Prime Minister Milojko Spajić, was elected in the Parliament of [...]

1112, 2023

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak becomes a Serbian citizen

December 11, 2023|0 Comments

Serbia recognizes the contribution of the technology pioneer BELGRADE, Serbia – Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić announced on Wednesday that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will receive Serbian citizenship. Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs in 1976, is a globally recognized technology pioneer. [...]

1909, 2023

Government of Germany and Europe plan expropriations “You will have nothing but be happy”

September 19, 2023|0 Comments

"You will have nothing but be happy" Expropriations could possibly be imminent in Germany, possibly as early as 2024, if one interprets the first indications from the federal government. Still, many people don't take these warnings seriously enough. Common reactions are "this [...]

1508, 2023

Relocation, who can advise me?

August 15, 2023|0 Comments

Do you dream of moving your residence abroad and are you looking for support and advice from an expert in this field? Then you are exactly right here! I have many years of experience in advising people who want to move their [...]

708, 2023

Al Shiddi Group is planning to build a luxury tourist resort on a part of Cape Mavrijan, Ulcinj

August 7, 2023|0 Comments

Al Shiddi Group from Saudi Arabia is very interested in realizing an exclusive tourist resort on Cape Mavrijan in Ulcinj. A corresponding agreement was ceremoniously sealed today in Podgorica. The company intends to establish an innovative concept at the said location, which [...]

408, 2023

reasons to get Residency in the Republic of Georgia

August 4, 2023|0 Comments

Residency & Citizenship by Investment   Gaining Residency in Georgia: A Unique Path Perhaps the Republic of Georgia in the South Caucasus hasn't yet crossed your radar, but there exist numerous compelling incentives for pursuing residency within its borders. From a personal [...]

307, 2023

Growth of FDIs in Montenegro at the end of 2022 with prognose of growth rate of 3.4% in 2023

July 3, 2023|0 Comments

Official Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG) data show that the net FDI inflow amounted to 782.63 million euros in 2022, an increase of 34.56% compared to the previous year. Total FDI inflow amounted to 1,151.42 million euros (a growth of 24.07%) due [...]

2806, 2023

Simplified Procedure for Acquiring Serbian Citizenship Jun 2023

June 28, 2023|0 Comments

Last year's plans to modernize the citizenship policy of the Republic of Serbia generated considerable interest. Despite high-level announcements of this possibility, our team of experts responded to numerous inquiries from customers and partners and underscored the importance of legal implementation of [...]

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