Increase in HNWIs (high-net-worth individuals): USA, India and China top the list of multi-millionaires

Increase in HNWIs (high-net-worth individuals): USA, India and China top the list of multi-millionaires

According to a new report, there are around 25,490 multimillionaires worldwide who have over $ 100 million in assets, and their number has more than doubled in the past two decades. These exceptionally wealthy individuals and their asset management are now recognized as new global citizens and have significant effects on the investment migration industry and the countries that they leave.

The emigration of these millionaires can often have negative effects on the economies and real estate markets of their countries of origin. In particular, some wealthy people move their shops, jobs, skills, qualifications and influences to other regions.

Although the number of multimillionaires only makes up a small fraction of the total population, it is of great importance for every country to produce, attract and keep them. With regard to investment migration, this represents a Win-win approach, since wealthy people not only benefit from global mobility and flexibility, but also bring their human talent, their prosperity, their networks and the taxes they pay into the host countries.

Forecasts for the coming year indicate that the greatest millionaire migration flows of all time are expected, with an estimated 125,000 high-ending individuals. There is a considerable potential for multimillionaires to benefit from the numerous options that offer investment migration programs in order to obtain additional residence or citizenship.

Multimillionaires can include a variety of people, from super-rich financiers to multinational CEOs that sell their companies, heirs who have inherited their assets to tech-titan millennials.

This group of individuals who really do not have a problem with money lives mostly in the USA and Europe, but also in countries such as Australia, Canada, China, India and Japan.

In the past ten years there have been several factors that have motivated multimillionaires to change their place of residence. This included better educational opportunities, a higher standard of living in a safe environment, moderate climate or less dirty environments, opportunities for diversification of companies as well as financial reasons such as asset maintaining and location protection.

Residence and citizenship through investments represent the simplest, fastest and most effective mechanism to build up the ultimate option.

The acquisition of the residence in demanding jurisdiction such as the quayan islands, Monaco, Mauritius, Cyprus, Dubai and Vanuatu is becoming increasingly popular with multimillionaire. You choose not to have to restrict your lifestyle decisions.

However, the procurement and explanation of wealth in the processing of a case for a customer with such prosperity represents a significant challenge. have acquired their company.

Interestingly, Vietnam will be the fastest growing market for multimillionaires in the next ten years, with an expected growth rate of 95%. India follows with a growth rate of 80% in people who have a value of over $ 100 million by 2032.

Mauritius, the safe African island station, has developed into a true hotspot for multimillionaire migration and has a remarkable forecast growth of 75%. However, there are also other aspiring growth markets such as New Zealand, Uganda, Rwanda, Vanuatu, Canada, Grenada, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro and Australia.

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