The Mauritius Residence by Investment program

The Mauritius Residence by Investment program

Experts often emphasize that Africa is viewed as a continent of the future, especially when compared to developments in the United States and Western Europe. A truly breathtaking place on our planet is the island of Mauritius, which is located about 2000 kilometers off the coast of Madagascar and is considered one of the most beautiful places along with Vanuatu.

Mauritius is known for its pleasant tropical climate, cultural diversity and impressive quality of life. But more than that, the country has earned a place on the global stage thanks to its thriving economy, attractive tax regime and competitive business environment. These factors attract wealthy individuals and families from all over the world. For those who have the desire to take up residence here, the Mauritius Residence by Investment Program offers an extremely efficient way to achieve this status. Under this program, individuals who invest in the country’s real estate market can obtain residency in Mauritius within six to eight months.

Why might moving to Mauritius be worth considering?
Mauritius is considered one of the most attractive destinations in the Indian Ocean for investment. In addition, it is one of the wealthiest countries in the North African region because:

The total wealth of various individuals here exceeds $44 million.
The per capita income is $33,000.
Since 2019, Mauritius has enjoyed visa-free access to almost 150 countries worldwide.
Russia, China, Schengen Area, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Thailand, Malaysia etc.
Processing applications for citizenship by investment takes between 2 and 3 months.

Benefits of the Mauritius Residence by Investment program

The Mauritius Residence by Investment program offers a variety of benefits for foreign investors:

Opportunity to rent out the investment property: Investors have the option to rent out the property that they purchase as part of their investment.

Family Residence: The residence obtained applies to the entire family, including the spouse or civil partner, parents and biological, step or adopted children of any age who are wholly dependent on the main applicant, are unmarried and do not engage in employment in Mauritius without a valid work or professional permit should.

Safe environment with tropical climate all year round: Mauritius offers a safe and pleasant tropical climate that can be enjoyed all year round.

International Schools and Universities: The country has world-class international educational institutions, including schools and universities.

Political, Social and Economic Stability: Mauritius is known for its political, social and economic stability, making it a safe and reliable investment destination.

Ease of doing business: The country ranks among the top 20 countries in the world with the highest level of ease of doing business, which is conducive to the creation and development of businesses.

Transparent International Financial Center: Mauritius has a sophisticated, transparent and well-regulated international financial center.

Residency requirements for investing in Mauritius:
The Mauritius Residence by Investment Program enables foreign investors to purchase luxury residential properties in selected projects.

To obtain residency, foreign investors must purchase properties with a minimum value of $375,000 in one of the following six real estate projects:

Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS): Includes villas, townhouses, penthouses, apartments, duplexes and service properties spread over 10+ acres of land.

Real Estate Scheme (RES): Smaller units on plots not exceeding 10 hectares.

Property Development Scheme (PDS): Integrated projects with social benefits and environmental focus.

Invest Hotel Scheme (IHS): New or existing hotel units that offer the investor the opportunity to stay 45 days a year.

Smart City Scheme (SCS): Environmentally friendly living, working or leisure spaces with state-of-the-art connectivity and intelligent transport solutions.

Ground +2 Apartment Concept (G+2): Apartments in condominium complexes with at least two levels above ground.

Alternatively, applicants may choose one of the following additional qualifying options for 20-year permanent residency. These options are aimed at:


• General investors (shareholders or directors of a company in Mauritius): Initial transfer of USD 50,000 for a business activity generating cumulative turnover, for an initial residency period of 10 years

High-tech investors (shareholders or directors of a company in Mauritius): Initial investment of US$50,000 in high-tech machinery and equipment for a business activity that generates cumulative revenue, for an initial residency period of 10 years

Innovative Start-up Investors: Initial investment of USD 40,000 and minimum R&D expenditure of 20%, or registration with a Mauritius accredited incubator with minimum operating expenditure of 20% for an initial residency period of 10 years

Professional investors (expatriates employed on contract in Mauritius): Basic monthly salary with a minimum value of approximately USD 1,400 (approximately USD 700 in the ICT sector) for a 10-year initial residency period

• Self-employed investors (in the service sector and registered under the Business Registration Act 2002): Initial transfer of USD 35,000 to a local bank account in Mauritius for a 10-year initial residency period

For retired non-citizen investors (aged 50 years or older), the program offers the opportunity to enjoy their stay in Mauritius. Here are the details:

Retired Non-Citizen Investors (50 years or older): Requires an initial transfer of at least $1,500 per month to a local bank account in Mauritius for an initial residency period of 10 years or alternatively a total transfer of $54,000 over a three-year residency period.

The procedure and time frame of the Mauritius Residence by Investment program:

Applications for the program must be submitted using the prescribed forms and must include applicable fees. A current police clearance certificate and a medical certificate confirming that the applicant is free of infectious diseases are also required as part of the application documents.

The real estate investment must be maintained throughout the duration of the residence permit and must be financed from funds transferred to Mauritius through a bank recognized by the Bank of Mauritius.

After completing the initial due diligence, the applicant can select the desired property. Once the preliminary approval has been granted and the applicant has met the investment requirements, the application for residency can be submitted to the Economic Development Board of the Republic of Mauritius.

After a successful due diligence check, the applicant (and his family members) will be granted a residence permit for Mauritius. Relatives include spouses or life partners, parents and unmarried, financially dependent children (including stepchildren and adopted children) of all ages who are not employed.


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