The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marc Ati, has appointed Mr. Uwe Zirbes as the new Honorary Consul of Vanuatu.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marc Ati, has appointed Mr. Uwe Zirbes as the new Honorary Consul of Vanuatu.

For many years, Mr. Zirbes has been travelling with a focus on business opportunities around the world. He has been in touch with many clients worldwide, and is interested in expanding the business and helping companies, to find profitable investments in different parts of the world. During this process, he has been to many countries and discovered their beauties and qualities, and realized their possible investment potential. He has worked on promoting them and showcasing these investment opportunities to new investors, who are looking to develop their business, make use of the resources that these countries have to offer and also noting why it is so important to make an investment in them.

During this journey, Mr. Zirbes the Trade Commissioner of Vanuatu discovered the resources of many different parts of the world and opened the eyes to foreign companies who were looking to expand and promote their production.

In August, Mr. Zirbes had the honor to be formally announced an Honorary Consul of Republic Vanuatu in Athens, Greece, by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Marc Ati. The government of Vanuatu acknowledges his vision, has seen his dedication towards guiding and teaching people about their country, and granted him with such a respectable title.

“I am very honored with this appointment and look forward to representing the Vanuatu Government in Greece and helping to expand economic and trade relations. I strongly believe that Vanuatu is a country with great potential, and no matter the position, I am equally dedicated in helping with its infrastructure, agriculture, IT development, as I was when I had first seen it. Vanuatu is truly a diamond of a country that is waiting to be discovered,” said Zirbes.

Uwe Zirbes as a Board Member of the Holding company, TCME worldwide Group with one of his Department GCI Unit Vanuatu, has been a significant supporter and contributor to the Vanuatu Citizenship-by-Investment Program since its inception, and this new appointment solidifies the growing partnership.

A lot of firms today are interested in expanding their business abroad, but only a few of them choose a country such as this one. The reason for this is mostly due to the fact that even today, not many know about Vanuatu and its precious investment possibilities. “My job is to promote both Vanuatu and Greece, make people see their beauty and qualities that just wait to be realized, and encourage them to become respected citizens of these amazing countries”, said Zirbes.


“I believe that every state and nation, in any part of the world, is unique in its own way and all of them have something to offer. It is important to take in consideration that strong, developed countries already have a lot of investments and a lot of their resources have already been used by other companies for many years. Why not focus on a country that is seeking foreign investors to reach its full potential in growth?

“I am always advising people to travel and see other parts of the world, learn about all the cultures and histories that represent the soul of a certain nation. Every county is rich in its own background that made them who they are today. As an Honorary Consul, I am also in charge of working closely with the Vanuatu Government to encourage current and new citizens to build a stronger nexus and connection with Vanuatu,” Zirbes added.

“VANUATU – The last Paradise on the earth”